Jenny Brady

Jenny joined the LITE team in 2019 as the project lead for Inclusive Learning and Teaching Development with a background as a disability practitioner and as a teacher of English for Academic Purposes. She is passionate about delivering an equitable education  for all.

The primary aim of the project is to promote and embed inclusive practices in learning, teaching and assessment in all taught student provision in line with the University’s agreed baseline standards. To deliver the project a network of School Academic Leads for Inclusive Practice (SALIPs) has been established. Jenny leads and supports the SALIPs to promote inclusivity in local contexts and evaluate current practices against the standards.

The project brings together OD&PL and Disability Services to share knowledge and good practice and is supported by a cross institutional working group including academics, LUU and colleagues from both Student Education Service and central services.

Her project aligns with LITE’s Inclusive Curriculum Design and enables links to be made with institutional initiatives which aim to improve access, inclusion and participation.