Time running out to apply for fully-funded PhD in higher education bioscience teaching

A FULLY-funded PhD studentship which blends bioscience and pedagogy has been made available at the University of Leeds – but applicants must apply before Monday, March 12, 2018.

The PhD project will take on the challenge of providing an evidence-based evaluation of key pedagogical innovations around higher education bioscience.

Dr Dave Lewis, senior lecturer in Bioscience, who is running the project jointly with Dr Chris Hassall, lecturer in Animal Biology, both at the University of Leeds, said:

“Universities are undergoing a period of extensive change: the introduction of tuition fees, Brexit, TEF, the introduction of new technologies, disruption through the development of online courses, and unbundling of the higher education offering to appeal to a diverse body of would-be students.

“The rate of this change has greatly out-paced universities’ capacity to marshal evidence in support of key policy decisions, meaning that institutions that pride themselves on delivering research to solve key societal challenges lack the empirical support needed to make informed decisions within their own walls.

This PhD will give the opportunity to explore an empirical evaluation of innovation in higher education bioscience teaching.

Dr Hassall added: “This is perfect if you are interested in taking a rigorous empirical approach to find out what works in higher education. We would expect applicants to have an excellent CV, a passion for  and , and strong analytical skills in qualitative and quantitive methods.”

More details here and follow this link to apply online.

Interested parties can also contact Chris Hassall (c.hassall@leeds.ac.uk, Tel 0113 343 5578) or Dave Lewis (d.i.lewis@leeds.ac.uk, Tel 0113 343 4233) to discuss the project informally.