LITE lends support to TEDx University of Leeds events

TWO exciting TEDx University of Leeds events to be staged on campus are again being sponsored by the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE).

The first on December 7 will focus on women who push the boundaries as part of a series of ‘streamed’ talks from the sold out TEDWomen conference in Palm Springs, California, late November.

The package of talks – curated by TEDx University of Leeds team – will be followed by a live panel of influential women and then a networking opportunity.

A second TEDx University of Leeds event, again sponsored by LITE, will be held in March with more details to follow nearer the date.

The theme of the TEDWomen conference will be ‘showing up’, and aims to exemplify women all over the world, who are ‘rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries’ in all areas.

Following the panel, there will be a chance to enjoy light refreshments and attend a small networking event.

Dr Kelvin Tapley, Director (interim) of LITE, said:

We are incredibly excited to be again sponsoring these two events that showcase the innovation, ideas and thinking that the TEDx brand consistently produces.

“It’s always interesting to work in partnership with the student-led TEDx University of Leeds team and we very much look forward to both these events and to continuing to forge a strong ongoing relationship.”