LITE launches new ‘snapshot’ final project format


THE FINDINGS from two LITE projects have been launched in a new ‘Snapshot’ format

Dr Samantha Pugh‘s project: ‘Reimagining university assessment by learning from secondary education’ and Dr Natasha McKeever’s, ‘Teaching Research Ethics: A New resource for an Old Need’ are the first to be previewed in the new style.

The new format brings together pedagogical research in a ‘two-page’ easily accessible way that allows the reader to quickly get a feel of the research that can then be shared or used practically in a quick way.

Dr Pugh’s project was inspired by the recent A-level reforms that have moved A-levels from modular teaching and assessment to final and synoptic exams.

Investigations centred around whether a programme-based assessment framework is feasible in a variety of disciplines across the university. It was also informed by feedback from teachers on the impact of A-level reform on teaching and learning practices in secondary education.

Dr McKeever’s project is aimed to create a flexible, online course on research ethics, which can be used by students based at the University of Leeds and beyond.

Professor Tina Overton, Director at LITE, said:

It’s exciting to be able to launch the findings from two LITE final projects in our new accessible snapshot format.

We hope you enjoy these reports and our new way of presenting them, which we hope makes it easy to access.