LITE Annual Review – What a year – 2019

IT HAS been a very busy 2019 for LITE and for the LITE community.

At the beginning of the year we welcomed Katie Livesey as our Research Support Officer. Katie has gone on to develop outstanding support for all our project leaders and Fellows, enabling us to enhance the impact of all our funded projects and raise the quality of associated outputs.

In February we were joined by new Director Tina Overton. Tina has had many years of experience in education leadership roles in the UK and Australia and has stimulated a review and refresh of many of LITE’s activities.

And in September Jenny Brady joined the team as the new lead for inclusive teaching. Jenny is leading this project across all the Faculties as academics move to embed inclusive practice in their teaching.

These colleagues join the existing team of John Balfour, Leigh Dowd and Rekha Parmar.

In the past few months we have relaunched the LITE Fellowship scheme and several other new funding streams.

Our Share Adopt Adapt and Masterclass events have attracted record numbers of participants.

We have established a number of new networks of practitioners, all of which are aligned to the University’s strategic priorities and we have developed a focus on raising aspirations and standards in pedagogic research and providing a variety of professional development opportunities for colleagues at all stages of their careers.

In 2019 we have focussed on delivering a more sustainable portfolio of activities.

This has manifested itself in several ways, amongst them the move to an online Student Education Bulletin (SEB) and planning for a paperless Student Education Conference in January 2020.

You can read all about these initiatives and more in the following articles.

We take this opportunity to thank all of our University of Leeds colleagues who have supported us this year and helped to ensure that this has been a most rewarding year for the LITE team and the wider, growing LITE community.