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LITE Fellowships

Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE) Fellowships provide the opportunity for colleagues across the University to carry out a project based on innovative teaching, scholarship or pedagogy.

LITE offers a range of fellowships which will differ according to timescale of delivery, scope of project and focus of research.

  • Accelerator fellowships provide funding in the form of a secondment of up to 0.8 full time equivalent (FTE) in total, which can be allocated to projects to be carried out between one to three years. These projects are targeted at supporting the delivery of the University's student education strategy demonstrating transformation and innovation in the curriculum and wider learning experience. They may be carried out by teams of up to three.
  • Commissioned fellowships are tailored towards a specified research area with clearly defined outcomes. The FTE and duration of the project will be specific to the project.
  • Professional services fellowship offer an opportunity for colleagues within the professional services to explore a project over 12 months at 0.2 FTE (equivalent to 1 day a week). Colleagues who are successful will be provided with a comprehensive range of support to help them carry out their research project including dissemination activity and generation of impact.

Fellows will also be expected to contribute to LITE’s scholarly community, provide content for digital and external-facing profiles and act as an ambassador at internal and external events.

Fellows will evaluate and disseminate their project outputs internally and externally to develop the practice, pedagogy and reputation of student education at the university.

Fellows will have access to a wide range of support to carry out and disseminate their projects including student project assistants and LITE research support staff.

Additional funding to support the delivery of the project is available.

Full details about the fellowships can be found in the candidate brief details but should you require any further information, or would like to discuss your idea please do contact the LITE team, or sign up for the relevant information session.

Fellowships currently open for applications (closing date: 30/06/2023):

Accelerator Fellowship Candidate Brief

Professional Services Fellowship Candidate Brief

Commissioned Fellowship: