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Cancelled: SAAW: LinkedIn Learning in Action

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 10am-11am

LITE's latest Share, Adapt, Adopt workshop, hosted in partnership with the TIPS Community, curated by Rachael Clark (OD & PL), sees Tony Bromley (OD & PL), Alice Owen (Environment), and Tamora Sherwood (Dentistry) share their knowledge and experience of using the LinkedIn Learning platform. Come along to learn and ask questions about how LinkedIn learning has been used to develop skills for Postgraduate researchers, the development of consultancy skills, and to develop inclusivity projects.

Note from workshop curator, Rachael Clark: As the LinkedIn Learning Project Assistant, I have been involved in LinkedIn Learning from its initial implementation. Three years on and the platform is a well-established resource with a growing number of users and curators. I will provide a brief overview and highlight the opportunities and features that all colleagues can benefit from.

LinkedIn Learning for content and as a platform in the postgraduate research context- Tony Bromley

We've been using LinkedIn Learning to support the personal, professional and career development of postgraduate researchers. We both add our own content but also utilise the platform capabilities. LinkedIn Learning is a key aspect of our dynamic development approach to career development.

Linkedin Learning for extending MSc Consultancy skills- Alice Owen

The MSc Sustainability & Consultancy is an industry-facing programme, and our students need skills beyond those taught in an academic context. We started using LinkedIn Learning in 2020-21 to add flexibility to our skills training and development. It's not the complete solution for us, and this input will describe the value of LinkedIn Learning's mapping process, as well as the gaps we still have to cover.

Using LinkedIn Learning Pathways and Collections to support Inclusivity Projects- Tamora Shemwood

As the SALIP and SDEAL for the School of Dentistry, I have been using LinkedIn Learning to create pathways and collection to support accessibility and inclusion projects. I will provide an overview of how pathways, collections and groups were used for different target groups and project types.