SAAW Christmas Special

  • Date:
  • Time: 10am-11am
  • Location: MS Teams

On Wednesday December 15th, 10-11 LITE and OD and PL are holding our second annual Share, Adopt, Adapt Christmas Special! Last year we all had a great time celebrating tons of innovative ideas, schemes and techniques and we thought we’d repeat the effort!

If you have a great student engagement initiative, big or small, that you’d like to share with an interested and extremely friendly, audience from across the University, this is for you!

We need volunteers to produce 3 minute presentations using a maximum of 3 slides that address what you did, how you did it, and what the impact was (including how you evaluated it, if applicable). This can be as part of a module or a co-curricular activity (or something in between!). We will be strict-ish on time, but we don’t expect presentations to be super-polished. The event is about celebrating what you’ve done and having fun! Christmas themed attire is encouraged 😊

If this sounds like fun, and you’d like to present, please fill out this very brief form (all we need is your name and a title for your presentation) by Friday December 10th. If you would like to attend the event and watch the presentations, please sign up here.

For a flavour of what happened last year, you can take a look at the recording here. This year’s event will also be recorded for anyone that can’t make it on the day.