Leeds Enterprise Educators Network (LEEN) – ‘Find out about the network’ event

  • Date:
  • Time: 11:00 to 13:00
  • Location: Maurice Keyworth SR 1.09

AN ESTABLISHED learning teaching network at the University of Leeds is joining forces with LITE to host a new event to introduce the broad range of enterprise education activities at Leeds.

The Leeds Enterprise Educators Network (LEEN) will hold its ‘Find out about the network’ event to welcome members, new and old, to learn more about the network and help to inform its future mission.

The network aims to bring together academics and professional staff across the University who have an interest in facilitating the development of enterprise: including creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills as educators within programmes and modules, regardless of discipline, or through a student support role.

This event will allow members new and old to discover the broad range of activity being carried out across the University, to build networks, to share good practice and explore opportunities for pedagogic research.

Lunch will be provided.

Dr Richard Tunstall, network lead, said:

“Do you facilitate the development and application of creative ideas or innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in your teaching practice or student support activity?

“Or would you like to enhance your skills, expertise, knowledge and know-how in enterprise education and, in doing so, support students to develop their enterprising talent?

“If any of the above we would be delighted to see you at this event.”

LEEN is part of a growing number of LITE networks focused on innovative practice and pedagogical research.

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