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Festival of Teaching

Tuesday 12 June - Friday 28 September, 2018
University of Leeds

A CELEBRATION of higher education teaching showcasing a host of national and international speakers will take place across the University of Leeds this summer.

Guest presenters from Harvard as well as National Teaching Fellows will join a number of others speakers in the festival of events jointly funded and organised by the Leeds University Business School's Academy of Innovation and the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE).

It is hoped the festival will bring together colleagues from across the University and beyond to discuss, engage and inform teaching practice and explore and support wider learning across the wider student education community between June and September.

View the provisional programme, which will be updated with new events throughout summer, here: Programme-Festival-of-Teaching-2018

Dr Emilee L Simmons, Director of the Academy of Innovation in Business Education (LUBS), who is leading on the Festival, said:

"During the past three years, the Academy of Innovation has delivered a ‘Best Practice’ in teaching symposium bringing colleagues from across the university to discuss, engage and inform our teaching practice.

"Its ethos was, and is built around informal discussions and debates of what we do now or would like to do in the future.

This year, we want to expand upon this ethos and by working with LITE, to try and further learning communities across the institution through our partners and hubs of teaching excellence, such as CIRLE, CELT, ODPL and LEEN, just to name a few.

"We hope you enjoy these events, and if you’d like to get involved please contact us, as we are happy to help advertise a teaching and learning event you are delivering, so you can share your practice or ideas with others."

The Festival programme will be flexible and updated on regular occasions to accommodate any new events added and speakers are confirmed as the summer progresses, so keep checking in to see what has been added. Updates will be advertised via social media.

Dr Kelvin N Tapley, interim Director of LITE, said:

Excellence and innovation in teaching deserves to be celebrated and shared. This Festival of Teaching at the University of Leeds will create a venue for the exploration of both practiced and experimental teaching and learning approaches from the Leeds community of teaching excellence, the UK, and the world.

"This is a great opportunity to get involved, be inspired by and engage with those who celebrate teaching and those who are shaping the future of teaching."

Where possible, Festival events will be live streamed for those who cannot physically attend and short videos or podcasts will be created of these sessions that will be promoted across both LITE and Academy websites.

If you would like to register for a Festival event, or to propose your own event for the Festival, please email

To register for a LITE event please email: Rekha Parmar: