Fellowship Showcase: Supporting Student Learning on Study Abroad

  • Date:
  • Time: 10am-11am

Study Abroad is one of the University of Leeds’ great strengths and whilst the current situation is challenging for student mobility, we can, and should, look to a future when not only will travel resume, but our developing digital capacity will offer many more opportunities for our students to study in different cultural environments; giving different meaning to the whole concept of study abroad and student mobility.

This session will draw from Chloe Wallace’s LITE Teaching Enhancement Project Dealing with Pedagogic Culture Shock during a Study Year Abroad. The goal of this project was to focus on the academic aspect of study abroad, and specifically the impact of having to deal with different learning, teaching and assessment approaches on the student experience of their year abroad. The session will explore the different kinds of experiences that students have when studying abroad that relate to their academic studies, what can go wrong, and discuss  things that we can do to help. It will be of interest to anyone involved in working with, teaching and supporting study abroad students, both incoming and outgoing.

You can sign up for the event here.