PedR Club

PedR Club is a collection of lovely people at the University of Leeds that are happy for you to contact them to discuss ideas, propose collaborations or just have a general chinwag about ideas for Pedagogical Research.

Linked to our annual PedR Kickstarter event, the postcards produced by PedR Club members tell you what they love talking about, what they’re currently working on, and how they might be able to help. Feel free to get in touch!

In addition to being hosted here, we will also showcase the postcards twice throughout the year via Teams and Twitter. Once in the summer following the Kickstarter, and once following the Student Education Conference in January.

The next deadline for sign ups is Thursday September 3rd. Sign up here!

The information available on the PedR Club postcards is also accessible as a text-only Word document. Click here to download.

PedR Club