Completed LITE projects

Excellence and Innovation Fellowships 2016/17

Bee Bond, The Language Centre, School of Languages Cultures & Societies

Title: Understanding the significant role language plays in shaping discipline-specific knowledge and understanding; smoothing international student transitions


As the number of international students studying in the UK increases, particularly at taught post-graduate level, there is a concurrent increase in the need to consider the barriers to learning faced by this cohort of students.

Understandings of, and support in relation to, these barriers now need to be more nuanced and problematized, and to reach further than specialised international student offices or the provision of extra-curricular language support.

Instead, they need to become embedded in core curricular practices.

Bee explores these issues further as part of her LITE project. Read here the full executive summary.

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WATCH: LITE Excellence and Innovation Fellow Bee Bond talks about her project

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Lydia Bleasdale and Sarah Humphreys, School of Law

Title: Realising Resilience: An Evidence-Based Approach to Embedding Resilience Within the Curriculum


This report considers the findings of a year-long research project into the ‘resilience’ of undergraduate students at the University of Leeds.

Focused upon second year undergraduates in six disciplines (Biological Sciences, Geography, Law, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, and Music), the project sought to understand more about existing levels of student resilience, and how their resilience might be supported within Higher Education Institutions.

To that end, 35 members of staff and 55 students were interviewed, alongside 185 students completing a survey designed to measure existing levels of resilience.

Lydia explores these themes further as part of her LITE project. Read here the full executive summary.

To read Lydia and Sarah’s full report click here.

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READ: Lydia’s LITE blog ‘Building Student Resilience’