Volunteers sought for new LITE Mentoring Scheme

Students in the Laidlaw Library, University of Leeds

VOLUNTEERS ARE being sought out for a new student education-focused mentoring programme run by the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE).

The LITE Mentoring Scheme will provide a framework of support across the student education network at the University in key areas.

Mentoring themes will include scholarship and pedagogy, career development through student education and those who are progressing with curriculum design and project delivery.

The scheme will run alongside the University of Leeds current mentoring programme.

Andrea Jackson, Professor of Student Education and Engagement based in the School of Earth and Environment, who works with LITE and will be leading the scheme, says:

“I realised the benefit of good mentoring and now work as a mentor to support others, a role I thoroughly enjoy.

“I like to think that I’ve given something back and made a valued contribution to someone at their time of need and this scheme will help support that.

I was encouraged as a mentee in the early stages of my career to believe in myself.  This gave me the confidence to progress my pedagogic research ideas to both develop my career and make a positive impact on student education.

The scheme will be broken down into three areas. The first: Mentoring for those who want to pursue more formal teaching scholarship and pedagogy, will move beyond reflection, practice-sharing and report writing to more rigorous research.

Advice will include support for developing scholarship project ideas; putting together funding applications; understanding and implementing research methodologies; research ethics, project management and project evaluation. Support for dissemination and publication routes such as journals, networks and conferences will also be part of this aspect.

The second strand, Mentoring for those who are seeking career development through student education at Leeds including how to get involved in ongoing and new student education projects/developments across campus.

Also contributing to the governance and committee structure; targeting student education roles and responsibilities; joining networks within the University; how to explore external, national and international networks of innovation and scholarship.

And finally, Mentoring for those who are progressing with curriculum design and student education project delivery: this might include significant module, programmes and assessment design, student support development and digital developments.

For this strand, mentees should also seek advice from structures of educational delivery, such as schools, faculties, units and from other centres of teaching innovation, where relevant. The Institute’s community of University Student Education Fellows (USEFs), National Teaching Fellows (NTFS) and project leaders will provide a valuable resource of advice.

LITE Director Raphael Hallett, says: “This scheme will provide a useful and effective network of support for the growing Leeds student education community and is a welcome addition to the LITE offer.”

The suggested time commitment is: for a mentor – mentee meeting three of four times per year for 1.5 to 2 hours but this will vary in terms of the need, capacity and practicality from both mentor and mentee perspectives.

Applications for the first cohort are now open and will close on March 1, the process will open again shortly after and be ongoing.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, or, are a member of staff who would like support as a mentee, please complete the LITE Mentoring Scheme form  and return to Andrea Jackson at: A.V.Jackson@leeds.ac.uk.

A workshop will be provided early this year for those wanting to learn more about the role of a mentor.

And further information about the role, as well as resources for mentors and menses, can be found at http://www.sddu.leeds.ac.uk/leadership-professional-skills/.